Mass Times

We celebrate Sunday Mass at 11a and 5p during the school year, as well as several Daily Masses:

  • Sundays | 11a and 5p
  • Mondays | 12:05p
  • Tuesdays | 5:15p
  • Wednesdays | 9:30p
  • Thursdays | 5:15p
  • Fridays | 12:05p

To confirm the Mass schedule, please check our calendar.

Liturgy of the Hours

We pray Morning and Evening Prayer every weekday:

  • Monday | 8:30a and 5p
  • Tuesday | 9a and 5p
  • Wednesday | 8:30a and 5p
  • Thursday | 9a and 5p
  • Friday | 8:30a and 5p

Holy Mass

The Living Celebration for All Times and All People

mass_giftsThe word Catholic means “universal,” which explains why the Mass has been celebrated around the globe for thousands of years. The Mass is meant for every person, old and young, now and for eternity. Mass at the Newman Center is oriented towards the college student, but every celebration is open to the public. Not too familiar with the Catholic Mass, or perhaps you’ve never attended one? Come early and we’ll be glad to walk you through it; stay afterwards and we’d be happy to answer your questions. Come see what it’s all about.

Liturgical Team

Every Sunday Mass depends on a group of dedicated students willing to volunteer as lectors (readers), altar servers, ushers, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Liturgical Ministers have a huge opportunity to inspire faith, deepen prayer, elevate spirits, welcome strangers, and help others discover the compassion and beauty of life with Christ and his Church. Call our office, see Father Kerry, or talk to a peer minister if you are interested in filling one of these roles or just learning more. We will provide training and any additional preparation you might need.



Student Choir

choir_booksThe Newman Choir, which sings primarily for Sunday Masses, is a volunteer group open to any interested student. The choir participates in the celebration of the Mass by singing a variety of hymns, from contemporary to traditional. If you are interested in singing or playing an instrument in the choir, all you have to do is speak to the choir director after any Sunday Mass or just show up at practice! The choir usually practices on Wednesday evenings and before Mass on Sunday.


God's Pardon and Peace

The sacrament of Confession is offered one hour before every Sunday Mass and during weekday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. If you would like to use the sacrament at another time, please see Father Kerry or call our office at (918) 599-0204.


Renewal by the Spirit

Some people are baptized as babies, but many are not. If you have not been baptized and are interested in receiving the sacrament, please talk to Fr. Kerry, a peer minister, or call our office. We are eager to help you share in God's love through the Sacraments of the Church!

Becoming Catholic

Whether you were never baptized, or baptized and raised in another faith, it is part of our mission from Christ to share the full truth and beauty of the Catholic Church with the whole world. The process of preparing to enter the Church is called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). RCIA involves spending time meditating and praying with the Bible and studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church to discover the fullness of God's plan for mankind's salvation. Interested? Awesome! We'd love to share more. Talk to Fr. Kerry or catch a peer minister after Mass or around campus.


Sealed with the Spirit

The Sacrament of Confirmation is conferred upon baptized Catholics who wish to deepen their commitment to Christ. Confirmation celebrates the gifts of the Holy Sprit and helps us commit our lives to the Church. Newman provides Confirmation classes on a regular basis. Contact our office, see Father Kerry, or talk with a peer minister if you are interested in becoming Confirmed or just learning more.

Holy Matrimony

United as One in Christ

The Newman Center is available for hosting the Nuptial Mass of students, alumni, and faculty of TU. Furthermore, Father Kerry is eager to meet with engaged couples for wedding preparation with the Catholic Church.